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Colors in Kitchen Cabinetry

Some people tend to be idealists when it comes to wood kitchen cabinetry — they can’t see it painted in other color and God forbid if it gets stained, only classical brown wooden texture would satisfy them — and there are also people who like seeing what unusual forms wood can take up. What about us? Well, let’s say we take both positions in consideration.

Painting kitchen furniture like that is an excellent way to add something special, personalize your cabinetry. Plus, you can still feat your eyes upon those wooden patterns, all the while sparkling things up with vibrant colors. It’s a win-win!. If you’re not ready to spend out your budget on custom kitchen ware, and you have at least a tiny bit of experience in woodworks, consider doing this DIY project. It’s always a good option to buy unfinished, “raw” cabinets or rework those ones you already have. Of course, if you’re not sure about your skills, you should probably hire someone to do the work for you. But it’s definitely worth it!

Take a look at these eight kitchen designs with remarkable stained ware, along with three marvelous palettes that represnt vibrant stain colors that you can use.

Softgreen. This charming bright and spacious space gets a totally new view with green-washed cupboards. Since shade is so light, it looks appealing and refreshing. The outcome is fun, bright and refreshing

Warm dark gray. A dazzling bright and vibrant color, deeper and grayish, even more than usual cupboard reworks. It goes extremely good with modern stainless steel kitchen ware and presented morble backsplash. Altogether evrything looks unbelievably elegant and refined.

Silvery gray. A bright gray hue will give your cupboards some feeling of refinement, it is quite subtle and has a dash of easiness and neutrality, that goes well with any designs and materials. This room is furnished with wood patterns, but it’s not necessary to leave it like that, color scheme allows for any style changings.

Grayish green. Here is another example of stylish gray design. This palette is perfect for enriching it with more colourful tones, or you may leave it as it is: neutral, inviting and elegant.

Deep red. Red always makes for bold interiors and designs. It works especially well in rooms with limited natural light. Red color also enriches otherwise cramped rooms.

Greenish black. Another bold combination that goes extremelly good with various tones of cyan and blue. Misty and vague this kitchen will look like a dream.

White. Classic white was always here, but in the light of new tendencies it has become even more actual. It matches excellently with modern appliances and kitchen ware, as well as stainless steel stoves or fridges.

Pay attention that depending on the illumination white-coloured patterns may look a little pink. If you add more yellow or green tones, the pink colour may appear a little more vibrant due to the optic nature of these hues. And if you add more vibrant colours, such as red or orange, the pink will fade away.

Ebony. Feast your eyes on this paramount elegancy and refinement. Black texture is suitable for more spacious kitchens, and the outcome is truly gorgeous. The room looks rich and fresh.
Sample style: Light cyan wood shade

Light cyan shades, like this sample, make an excellent combination with stainless steel dashes and black-tiled flooring.

Painting wood in vibrant red or mustardy -yellow color may seem like a bold move, but it pays out well. Take a look how these subtle ember countertops blend in with the overall color scheme.

Sample style: Light green wood paint

Cupboards painted with a refreshing green looks astonishing with an elegant ebony walnut flooring. With subtle and simple countertops this style will sparkle.

So, what do you think? Do you like stained colorful cupboards? Or maybe you tend to conservative views and think that wood should be left untouched?