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Tips on how to improve your bathroom looks

Glass displays and transparent cupboards with neatly placed tableware are native to kitchens and halls. But now we can see them in the bathrooms, too. Utility rooms like that one could always use some style. And the design goes well with both modern and traditional patterns. It looks good and even more: makes cramped bathrooms look more spacious! Take a look at some examples of how to achieve that look.

Bathroom is a perfect place for symmetry. Matching thinks and folded towels will do the trick, adding to organized and neat appearance.

Use various containers for misc items, to make the room look clean and elegant. Boxes presented here go well with the room composition and don’t drag too much attention.

Nothing says hygiene more than rolled snow-white towels. Adding them to your bathroom will create a spa-like feeling of comfort and cleanness.

If you want to make your bathroom more spacious, consider using open shelves. Use light-colored storages to add more contrast and volume to the room.

Open vanity is a great way to unchain small bathrooms. Furniture with legs and open shelves adds to style and vastness of the room, so you instantly feel more space.

In smaller bathrooms with not much areas to store misc items, owners may use open shelves to store items that are usually placed on countertops, like tissues or combs.

Storing additional rolls of toilet paper in sight is not always a good idea, but if done subtly in an open vanity you will give your guests peace of mind when they run out of paper and keep them from looking through your doors and drawers.

In most cases storage space isn’t really important in guest bathrooms so you might as well just leave the space open to make the room look more vast. That way you welcome your guest to use that space as they please.




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